Radical Candor
Radical Candor Radical Candor is a framework describing four different behaviors. In order to become Radically Candid you need to understand all four types.
Transactional Analysis
Transactional Analysis Transactional Analysis is a psychoanalytic theory and method of therapy. A personality is made up of three ego states: Parent, Adult, Child.
Conflict styles
Conflict styles There are different strategies for managing conflicts. Categorizing conflict styles enable learning and appropriate usage of these styles
WRAP Decision-Making
WRAP Decision-Making The WRAP model for decision-making helps us to be aware of and avoid decision-making biases like Outcome, Cognitive & Confirmation Bias.
SCARF SCARF Model represents five areas influencing human behavior. The human brain wants to minimize danger or maximize reward which activate respective responses. It explains and helps to deal with human reactions, motivations, and interactions. Description Reward state activators Threat state activators Status Relative importance to others, personal worth Positive and mutual feedback, public acknowledgment Critique,...
Westrum Organizational Culture
Westrum Organizational Culture Westrum Organizational Culture The organizational culture predicts the information flow in an organization. Good information answers the questions that need to be answered in a timely manner and the receiver can effectively use it. Good information flow is critical to be safe and effective in high-tempo and high-consequence environments. Culture Pathological Bureaucratic Generative Description Fear...
PrOpER Coaching Cycle
PrOpER Coaching Cycle PrOpER Coaching cycle is the iterative mental model. It can be used when a coach is new or anytime afterwards.
Technology Adoption Life Cycle
Technology Adoption Life Cycle Acceptance of innovations based on normal distribution with five groups divided by the attitude to the innovation adoption and the chasm.
STEEPLE Analysis
STEEPLE Analysis STEEPLE Analysis (extension of PESTLE) is used to assess the external factors to the current business situation.
PESTLE Analysis
PESTLE Analysis PESTLE Analysis (extension of PEST) is used to assess the external factors to the current business situation.
Agile vs Waterfall
Agile vs Waterfall Waterfall vs Agile can be illustrated with the triple constraints which provide a rough overview. Other differences are in the table.
Fibonacci sequence
Fibonacci sequence Fibonacci sequence and its usage. Fibonacci sequence in relationship to the Golden ratio. Weber's law estimations using the sequence.