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“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” 


Want to improve the knowledge – try using posters.

Do you want to improve the knowledge of your co-workers, but you do not have the possibility to provide them with any workshops or training? You can use posters! Use it in Guerilla marketing kind of way and put some posters on the wall to the office kitchen where people meet. Another good place is meeting rooms, where people waiting for the meeting have nothing to do and look around – put the posters on the wall where they can be seen. Do you have a better place in mind already? Check What to do next.

Agile transformation – posters on the wall can support your effort

Are you going through the Agile transformation and you would like to support it somehow more. Put the posters on the wall. People will notice and also learn something. Posters on the wall can also support their curiosity and help them to raise questions about the concepts they do not fully understand or need clarification. Do you think this can be a good idea? Check What to do next.

Encountered a technical problem with presentation – have some posters as a backup plan

Nowadays if you have a presentation you usually support it with some kind of slides. But what if the tech fails, are you prepared also for that option (And if you did some presentation before, you should know that it happens)? You can use some posters as a backup! And not only that, but you can include some of the posters also in your slides. Do you need some? Check What to do next.

Posters can help also with self-education

Are you trying to prepare for an exam or certification? Surround yourself with knowledge. Asking how? You can use the Posters from! The posters around you can support you also during procrastination when you are just looking around on the walls – if there are posters on the wall you can still learn something. Would you like to try it? Check What to do next.

Need more support from above – whisper with a poster

In case you need more support from the upper management or superiors you can use the poster for putting the ideas in their minds. Put the posters on the visible places that are used frequently (even the toilet can be a good idea). They will feel that they came up with the idea. Afterward, you can get the support you need. Would you like to try it? Check What to do next.

What to do next

The next step for you to do will to identify which Posters can be useful for you. To do that browse through the Posters on the The posters usage is free and you can download them in both PNG and PDF formats. If you like a poster you can share it on social networks or you can join us on one of our social networks, which can be found below.