PrOpER Coaching Cycle

PrOpER Coaching Cycle.
Proper coaching – no problem.

PrOpER Coaching Model

PrOpER Coaching cycle is the iterative mental model for deciding where to start coaching. It can be used when a coach is new to the team and the problems are brainstormed and prioritized. It can be also used anytime during the coaching for solving any problem that occurs.


Define the problem to be solved. Check the current situation in the team and how they work. Based on that try to identify what needs to be improved.


Try to think of the ways that can help to improve or even solve the problem we identify. Do not settle with only one idea try to think of at least three.


Pick one of the ideas from the previous step and apply it. Make observations of changes both improvements and downsides.


Review the outcome. Reflect on the results of your experiment. Evaluate improvements and downsides. Conclude if you learned something.

PrOpER Coaching Model

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