SCARF model.
Be a better leader with SCARF Model.


SCARF Model represents five areas influencing human behavior. The human brain wants to minimize danger or maximize reward which activate respective responses. It explains and helps to deal with human reactions, motivations, and interactions.

DescriptionReward state activatorsThreat state activators
StatusRelative importance to others, personal worthPositive and mutual feedback, public acknowledgmentCritique, unsolicited advice
CertaintyAbility to predict the futureClear goals and expectations, feasible schedulesNon-transparent, dishonest and unpredictable behavior
AutonomySense of control over eventsProviding choices, empowerment, self-responsibility, self-organizationMicromanagement, command and control
RelatednessFeeling safe around othersMentoring, enabling socializationsInternal competition, prohibition of socializing
FairnessPerception of people interactions fairnessTransparent decisions and communication, clear rulesUnequal conditions, lack of rules and communication

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