retrospective challenge

Spotify Health Check
Spotify Health Check The Spotify Health Check is a workshop, where teams assess their project and collaboration using 11 dimensions.
Seven wastes of software development
Seven wastes of software development Similar to what TPS identified as seven categories of waste in manufacturing, also software development has its own wastes.
Little's law
Little's law Little’s Law is a theorem for queuing systems. It determines the average number of items in a stationary queuing system
User Story Creation
User Story Creation Creating a User Story is a continuous process based on the 3Cs phases, supported by INVEST, 5Ws, and the Definition of Done.
Rugged Manifesto
Rugged Manifesto Acronymat: The Rugged Manifesto for DevOps / DevSecOps: I am rugged and, more importantly, my code is rugged.
The Three C's Of User Story
The Three C's Of User Story There are three critical aspects known as The Three C’s of User Story, namely Card, Conversation, and Confirmation.
PrOpER Coaching Cycle
PrOpER Coaching Cycle PrOpER Coaching cycle is the iterative mental model. It can be used when a coach is new or anytime afterwards.
Retrospective The aim of the retrospective is to discuss and plan possible improvements of quality and effectiveness for the team.
Sprint Review
Sprint Review Sprint Review is a Scrum event where the increment and the progress towards the Product Goal are inspected.
Daily Scrum
Daily Scrum The main goal of the daily scrum is to inspect the progress of work in the sprint. Based on the current state to achieve the Sprint goal.
Scrum Sprint Planning
Scrum Sprint Planning Scrum Sprint planning starts the sprint as the Scrum team participates to figure out, estimate and plan what needs to be done in the sprint.
Scrum Sprint
Scrum Sprint The Scrum Sprint is a container that contains all other events. It's the core Scrum event during which all the work is done.