Scrum Sprint

  • Sprint is a container that contains all other events (Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective).
  • It’s the core Scrum event during which all the work is done.
  • Time-box for the sprint is 1 month. The length of the sprint can change however, it is not recommended to change it often.
  • The sprint should be long enough to meet the sprint goal, but short enough for the sprint goal to remain up to date, with respect to changing environment.
  • Shorter sprints provide a higher frequency of improvements and learning, reducing the risk and the cost.
  • The main benefit of the sprint is a reduction of risk and the distribution of costs.
  • The sprint can be canceled if the goal of the sprint becomes obsolete.
  • Visual tools such as Burndown charts are used to monitor the progress of work in the sprint.
  • Burndown is a chart showing the initial scope of the sprint and the remaining work as the sprint progresses.

Scrum Sprint overview.