Scrum in one sentence

Scrum in one sentence poster.
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Overview in one sentence explanations

Lightweight framework based on empiricism and lean, to generate value through adaptive solutions for complex problems.



A common understanding of processes and work being inspected for both the scrum team and all the stakeholders.


The inspection of artifacts and the progress enabling adaptation, without which is pointless.


Adapting based on inspection to minimize deviations outside of acceptable limits.

Values (FROCC)


Everyone focuses on the work of the Sprint and the goals of the Scrum Team members.


Scrum Team members respect each other and the wider environment as the source of change.


The Scrum Team and its stakeholders agree to be open about all the work and the challenges involved.


People commit with their actions and the effort to the goals of the Scrum Team.


Scrum team members have the courage to do the right thing in all aspects of the work.

Scrum Team

Scrum Master

Leaders, enablers who serve the Scrum Team, and the organization by coaching in the framework adoption, removing impediments, and facilitating activities.

Product Owner

One person representing the stakeholder’s needs, maximizing the value of the product according to the Product Goal.


The creators of a usable Increment based on the Sprint Backlog and Sprint plan.


The Sprint

A container for all the events where the work is done, maximally one month long.

Sprint Planning

Initiates the sprint by creating a plan for the sprint, deciding what can be done and how.

Daily Scrum

Same time and place for 15 minutes to inspect work progress and adapt the Sprint Backlog if necessary.

Sprint Review

The outcome of the sprint and progress toward a product goal is inspected.


Individuals, interactions, processes, tools, and the DoD are inspected in order to create a plan for improving quality.


Product Backlog

An ongoing ordered list reflecting a product goal and the only source of work.

Sprint Backlog

Includes items from Product Backlog selected for the sprint, delivery plan, and the Sprint Goal.


This is presented at the Sprint Review as a stepping stone toward the Product Goal.

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