GSD / Get Stuff Done Whee

Get Stuff Done Wheel is a framework for aligning and guiding the work of a team. It allows teams to deliver remarkable results more quickly
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GSD / Get Stuff Done Wheel is a framework for aligning and guiding the work of a team. It allows teams to deliver remarkable results more quickly. It is designed to be cycled through quickly, without skipping steps or getting stuck.


Listen to your team to find the goals worth pursuing. Encourage new ideas during regular one-on-ones. Listening can lead to fixing even hidden issues.


Understand new ideas deeply before taking them to a wider audience. Help the team to clarify their ideas to be crisp, easy, and understandable for the target audience.


Do not short-circuit the ideas after clarification, but debate and refine the ideas to collaboratively find a solution that can flourish and enable persuading everyone who is needed to execute the idea.


Create a clear decision-making process and empower people closest to the facts to decide. They are able to “push decisions into the facts”. These decisions can also improve morale.


Persuade people who don’t agree or weren’t part of the decision-making to be willing to execute. This is crucial as executing an idea without adopting it can lead to undesired outcomes.


Enable your team to collaborate and execute the decision after it was accepted. Stay close to the work, and even help with the execution to better understand the work.


Take a step back, and retrospect with your team to learn from the outcomes. Try to avoid over-attaching to what you did and prepare to start the new GSD iteration again.

GSD / Get Stuff Done Wheel

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