AIDA Model

The AIDA model is a model, where a persona moves through a series of steps to make a purchase decision, used in marketing, sales, planning...
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The AIDA model is a hierarchical model, where a persona moves through a series of cognitive steps to make a purchase decision. It is also used for thinking about the customer lifecycle to enable thinking through the whole acquisition process in actionable and testable terms. The AIDA model is used in marketing, sales, planning, and public relations.

Attention / Awarness

The first step is to attract consumers by creating awareness or affiliation for a service, category, product, or brand. For example, ran a PR campaign in advance.


Increase potential customer interest by learning about the benefits and advantages of the product. For example, direct mail campaign to offer a free consultation.


Make the consumer develop an ’emotional connection’. The transition from ‘liking’ to ‘wanting’. For example, local launch events which were previously advertised.


The consumer initiates an action (CTA), the next step. Purchase intention, shopping around, engaging in a trial, etc. Call to purchase on social media sites or a website.

AIDA Purchase Funnel