Lean Startup

The Lean Startup is an approach for creating and sustaining a successful startup. Short business-hypothesis-driven development cycles.
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Lean Startup

The Lean Startup is a scientific approach for creating, growing and sustaining a successful startup. The building of products or services by shortening development cycles and business-hypothesis-driven experimentation allows for meeting the needs of early customers. This reduces risks and saves large amounts of initial funding

Eliminate uncertainty

Create order by using tools to test a vision continuously. It is needed to use a process, a methodology around the development of a product.

Work smarter not harder

Every startup is an experiment that should be focused on solving real problems. Validating these solutions through iterations and testing with early adopters.

Develop an MVP

Find out the problem that needs to be solved and develop an MVP solving the problem to start a build-measure-learn feedback loop as soon as possible.

Validated learning

Embrace validated learning through testing and measurement to enable incremental adaption and build a product that is wanted and customers will pay for.

Lean Startup Principles

Entrepreneurs are everywhere

Uncertain conditions for creating new products enable using of Lean Startup.

Entrepreneurship is management

A startup is an institution so it requires management specific for its context.

Validated learning

Test a vision by experimenting and learning how to build a sustainable business.

Innovation accounting

Measure progress, prioritize work, and set milestones with a startup-specific accounting.

Build – measure – learn

Turn ideas into products, measure customers’ feedback, and learn what to do next.

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