DevOps Improvements

Acronymat DevOps Areas of improvement - 24 DevOps Capabilities in 5 categories: CD, Architecture, Lean Management and Monitoring, Cultural.
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DevOps Areas of improvement

Continuous delivery

  • Use version control for all production artifacts
  • Automate your deployment process
  • Implement continuous integration
  • Use trunk-based development methods
  • Implement test automation
  • Support test data management
  • Shift left on security
  • Implement continuous delivery (CD)


  • Use a loosely coupled architecture
  • Architect for empowered teams

Product and process

  • Gather and implement customer feedback
  • Make the flow of work visible through the value stream
  • Work in small batches
  • Foster and enable team experimentation

Lean management and monitoring

  • Have a lightweight change approval processes
  • Monitor across applications and infrastructure to inform business decisions
  • Check system health proactively
  • Improve processes and manage work with work-in-process (WIP) limits
  • Visualize work to monitor quality and communicate throughout the team


  • Support a generative culture (as outlined by Westrum)
  • Encourage and support learning
  • Support and facilitate collaboration among teams
  • Provide resources and tools that make work meaningful
  • Support or embody transformational leadership