Tranformational Leadership


Has a clear understanding of where we are going at the moment and a sense of where the team wants to be in five years with respect to the idea of where the organization is going.

Inspirational communication

Says positive things about the team and also encourages employees to be proud of being members of their organization. Finds opportunities coming from changing environments and enables others to see it as well.

Intellectual stimulation

Challenges team to find new ways for solving old problems. Provides ideas forcing people to rethink things and basic assumptions they did not question before.

Supportive leadership

Personal feelings are being considered prior to taking an action in order to behave thoughtfully to a person’s need. Due considerations are being seen to employee’s personal interests.

Personal recognition

Recognizes and commends better than average work moreover, outstanding work is personally complimented. Quality of work is taken into account improvements in quality are acknowledged.

Resources Nicole Forsgren, Jez Humble, Gene Kim: Accelerate

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