SPACE Framework

The SPACE of developer Productivity framework for capture different dimensions of productivity to measure productivity in a better way.
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SPACE Framework

The SPACE of developer Productivity is the framework for capturing different dimensions of productivity in order to measure productivity in a better way. Different viewpoints increase the scope of capturing productivity as it should rely on both qualitative and quantitative measures.

Satisfaction and well-being

Productivity and job satisfaction are strongly correlated. Measuring it can be beneficial for understanding productivity and even predicting it. Satisfaction and well-being are usually captured qualitatively through surveys.


The outcome of a process or a system is performance. The performance is usually combined work of a team, making it harder to identify individual contributions, so the outcomes, not the output is the best way to evaluate work.


Activity is a count of completed actions or outputs. It provides valuable but limited insights as complex and diverse activities are hard to measure. Because of that, it should never be used in isolation.

Communication and collaboration

Creative work relies on effective communication, coordination, and collaboration, being aware of tasks, priorities with required transparency for the effective flow of information. Diverse and inclusive teams are performing better.

Efficiency and flow

Efficiency and flow capture completion of work or progress with minimal distractions. For individuals, it is often measured by uninterrupted focus time. At the team and system level, it is important to minimize waste-producing activities.