SWOT and TOWS Analysis

SWOT and TOWS hand in hand. Strong and simple strategy planning tools to create 4 types of strategies based on the SWOT factors.
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SWOT and TOWS Analysis

The SWOT analysis is a strong and simple strategy planning tool combining external and internal factors that can be helpful or harmful to an organization. Based on these the TOWS matrix combines the strengths and weaknesses with external threats and opportunities to create four types of strategies.


The advantages over the others which the organization already possesses.


Overview of the disadvantages in comparison to the competitors.


Things that can be done and may have a positive effect on the organization.


Things outside the control of the organization and could cause trouble.

WT Mini-mini

Defensive position to avoid threats and minimize weaknesses.

WO Mini-maxi

Mitigation of internal weaknesses by using external opportunities.

ST Maxi-mini

Using internal strengths for avoiding external threats.

SO Maxi-maxi

Capitalization on external opportunities by using internal strengths.