Agile vs Waterfall

The main difference between Waterfall and Agile can be illustrated with the following triple constraints which can provide a rough overview. The rest of the differences that can provide a better overview can be found in the following table.

Agile vs. Waterfall Triple Constraints
Agile vs Waterfall triple constraints.

Aspect / Approach Waterfall Agile
Focus On processes On people
Management By plans By changes
Development Style Waterfall/ Long iterations Incremental, iterative short iterations
Requirements Planned at the beginning Updated before every iteration
Customer involved At the beginning and the end All the time
Feedback Minimal Frequent
Social aspects Plan and control Trust, responsibility, motivation
Team organization Hierarchical Self-organized teams
Leadership Directing Coaching
Change management Minimization of changes Accept and adapt to changes
Documentation Exhaustive Just enough
Communication Mainly written Mainly personal
Product delivery As a whole at the end Frequent, but partial