Minto Pyramid
Minto Pyramid The Minto Pyramid Principle, a communication framework, advocates for a top-down approach to convey messages effectively
RACI Matrix
RACI Matrix RACI Matrix/Chart is the type of responsibility assignment matrix for effective work organization, communicating the responsibilities.
STEEPLED STEEPLED - Social, Technological, Economical, Environmental, Political, Legal, Ethical and additional compared to STEEPLE is Demographic.
BLUF - Bottom Line Up Front
BLUF - Bottom Line Up Front BLUF is a framework for declaring the purpose of the message and the action required. It should provide the most important information.
STEEPLE Analysis
STEEPLE Analysis STEEPLE Analysis (extension of PESTLE) is used to assess the external factors to the current business situation.
OODA Loop OODA loop serves for making decisive and agile decisions. The faster the processing, the higher the chance of getting into the opponent’s decision loop.
Definition of Done
Definition of Done The Definition of Done is used for creating a shared understanding of when a Product Backlog item can be considered done.
Definition of Ready
Definition of Ready Definition of Ready serves as a precondition for an item from Product Backlog before entering a Sprint/ Iteration backlog to prevent problems before it starts.
DEEP Product Backlog
DEEP Product Backlog DEEP acronym for Agile Product Backlog, consisting of Detailed Appropriately, Estimated, Emergent and Prioritized principles.
YAGNI Use it or do not do poster. YAGNI or You Ain't Gonna Need It is a principle for saving costs for things that are not required at the moment.
MoSCoW Prioritization
MoSCoW Prioritization MoSCoW prioritization method poster. MoSCoW acronym provides a solution on how to prioritize the work based on the importance of single items.