Gemini (May 21 – June 20)


Gemini individuals excel in communication and collaboration, bringing versatility and curiosity to the agile team.


Communicative, Versatile, Curious


Geminis thrive in an agile environment due to their adaptability and versatile nature. They actively participate in agile ceremonies, leveraging their excellent communication and collaboration skills to foster effective teamwork. Geminis bring a curious mindset, constantly seeking knowledge and innovative solutions, making them valuable contributors during brainstorming sessions.

Agile specific behavior

Planning activities

Geminis can easily jump to conclusions and sometimes freak out too early providing high estimates and refusing the scope. In contrast with that, they are able to easily adapt to what was agreed on.

Iteration work ethic

Geminis are easy to work with as they get on with everyone. Multitasking is natural to them, but it must be kept to a bearable extent, as they tend to lose focus quickly.


Easy adaptation can be the two-sided feature, as it allows Geminis to be more agile, but not handling it well might lead to unpredictable and possible undesired outcomes.