Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)


Capricorns exhibit a disciplined and goal-oriented work ethic, ensuring structure and reliability.


Disciplined, Goal-oriented, Reliable


Capricorns bring a disciplined work ethic to an agile environment, valuing structure and organization. They meticulously plan their tasks, ensuring deadlines are met and work is executed with reliability. Capricorns often take on leadership roles and provide guidance to others, contributing to the success of agile projects.

Agile specific behavior

Planning activities

Capricorns enjoy predictability, and because of that, they have a big picture in mind, enabling them to keep work on track and be one of the best at breaking down the work and planning it accordingly.

Iteration work ethic

They are ambitious individuals with supreme persistence, hardworking with no problem working overtime. they may lack creativity from time to time


The straightforward attitude of Capricorn won’t leave you in doubt. As creatures of habit, they may struggle with unexpected changes, and failure depresses them, but they will help anyone to go by the book.