Data Model Canvas
Data Model Canvas The Data Product Canvas is a framework for developing data products based organized into 10 blocks within 3 domain areas.
AIDAOR The AIDAOR is a hierarchical model, where a persona moves through a series of cognitive steps before and after making a purchase decision.
User Story Creation
User Story Creation Creating a User Story is a continuous process based on the 3Cs phases, supported by INVEST, 5Ws, and the Definition of Done.
GSD / Get Stuff Done Whee
GSD / Get Stuff Done Whee Get Stuff Done Wheel is a framework for aligning and guiding the work of a team. It allows teams to deliver remarkable results more quickly
STEEPLED STEEPLED - Social, Technological, Economical, Environmental, Political, Legal, Ethical and additional compared to STEEPLE is Demographic.
WRAP Decision-Making
WRAP Decision-Making The WRAP model for decision-making helps us to be aware of and avoid decision-making biases like Outcome, Cognitive & Confirmation Bias.
MVP Types
MVP Types Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a simple product with only a minimal set of features to enable testing with real users. That can be achieved using various types of MVPs.
Lean Startup
Lean Startup The Lean Startup is an approach for creating and sustaining a successful startup. Short business-hypothesis-driven development cycles.
Business Model Canvas
Business Model Canvas Strategic management tool which enables conversation around new or existing business. It provides the structure of a business plan. Right side is focused on external factors while the right one on internal and they meet with the value proposition. It allows turning ideas into a business overview.
Technology Adoption Life Cycle
Technology Adoption Life Cycle Acceptance of innovations based on normal distribution with five groups divided by the attitude to the innovation adoption and the chasm.
SWOT and TOWS Analysis
SWOT and TOWS Analysis SWOT and TOWS hand in hand. Strong and simple strategy planning tools to create 4 types of strategies based on the SWOT factors.
TOWS Analysis
TOWS Analysis TOWS Matrix is a simple but effective technique that enables creating strategies based on the SWOT Analysis to create 4 types of strategies.